At the Assante on Taylor branch we are able to access and advise on mortgages through our in-house mortgage desk provided by Castle Mortgage Group.

With ever-changing mortgage lending rules, more Canadians than ever are looking to their advisors to better understand their options. With a single application and credit review, they can navigate the market on your behalf, assessing solutions from multiple lenders to provide a range of options available to you. They can advise on product features including prepayment options and penalty calculations to match you with the right product for your unique circumstances.

Recent studies have also confirmed that consumers who use an independent advisor save on average 19 basis points on their rate. By having their team do the research and negotiating on your behalf, we can often achieve an average rate decrease of 1.4% off the posted rate, compared with just 1% for individuals doing the legwork on their own.

Castle Mortgage Group is an outside business activity that offers non-securities-related financial planning services. Specific investment recommendations must be done through Assante Capital Management Ltd. (“Assante”) through which they sell investment products. Although Assante is not responsible for any service or product supplied through Castle Mortgage Group, Assante will monitor for conflicts of interest, and investigate any client complaints related to services offered by Castle Mortgage Group.